Mtwentwe Farm – home to OppiePlaas Haga Haga Wedding and Function Venue, Accommodation, Pub and Restaurant – somehow offers everything magnificent that the Eastern Cape’s Wild Coast and the Haga Haga countryside specifically offer. And more…

In a setting that could best be described as in equilibrium with nature, the first thing that strikes you upon arrival is the genuineness and sincere hospitality of Niel and Erna Taljaard, owners of this working coastal farm.

nature dictates the mood

Settle down, and soon you’ll start to wonder whether these folks have managed to create a setting where the landscaping around the homestead extends into nature, or whether it’s actually nature that extends right up to the cosy veranda – OppieStoep – where many a jubilant occasion is celebrated.

A word of advice, though. Those planning to celebrate their special event at OppiePlaas will have to take into account some extraordinary add-ons which come as part of the deal and, believe it or not, at no extra cost. One of these is the nearness of the lush and green hills close by that form a backdrop to and natural décor for your function. And don’t be surprised if your guests are mesmerized by a lone fish eagle soaring in the distance as if keeping watch over what is special for you at that moment.

As if this is not enough, the undulating landscape in the opposite direction could have continued forever, if it wasn’t for the ocean in the distance jealousy insisting to be a part of this picture-perfect panorama.

a photographer’s dream

If possible, plan your event to coincide with the setting of the sun. Observe how the changing light playfully covers the surrounding veld in tints ranging from burnt orange to vivid yellow while the blue sky gradually changes from bright blue to a deep copper. Invite your photographer along to watch this pageant from the farm pond as an observation point. With wild geese graciously floating in the reflection of the setting sun, the camera won’t stop clicking away to capture and embrace the slowly-changing ambiance.

If you’re lucky, watch the full moon covering the surrounding landscape with its soft glow after night-time has fallen. At OppiePlaas Haga Haga we believe that this is to guard over us and to make sure that everything remains in place for the sun to rise to yet another perfect day the next morning.

where you’d want to be

If it’s the pretence and glitter that so many other venues offer that you’re looking for, then perhaps OppiePlaas Haga Haga is not quite the venue for you. If it’s anything else and more that you require, then here is where you’d want to be.

Contact us today for a superb, hassle free and affordable function. The extraordinary add-ons come at no extra cost. The same goes for our honest-to-goodness and down to earth approach and exclusive service.

OppiePlaas Haga Haga Wedding and Function Venue, Accommodation, Pub and Restaurant – Your dream event, our perfect place.

  • We are an ethical and green establishment and recycle the waste generated at our restaurant responsibly. We have our own ecological water system and we use our hormone free and carefully matured meat cuts and fresh produce from the farm. Where possible we source raw ingredients that we do not produce ourselves from ethical and green producers.

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“We decided to have our wedding at OppiePlaas Haga Haga as it has a wonderful atmosphere. We got to decide and design our own menu (with the help of Erna of course). OppiePlaas Haga Haga, also, wasn’t too far or too close from East London which allowed our guests to make a weekend of it. 

It couldn’t have been any more perfect. The staff at OppiePlaas Haga Haga was excellent and the food was amazing. One didn’t have to wait long at the bar for a drink either. 

All in all, the venue was perfect for our wedding. From setting up to cleaning up, it was well organised and done professionally. Thank you for everything. I would really recommend using this wonderful place as a wedding venue should you want a special and intimate wedding with everything ‘all in one’.” – Megan Hugo